Altequo - Trade your skills and stuff - Trade your skills and stuff
Altequo is an alternative economy community platform and network.

What are your skills?

Here at Altequo you can offer any services or products you like to our community members. Services like:
  • gardening, janitor services, babysitting, cooking
  • transportation services, teaching, food delivery
  • website design, translation services, programming, text editing, graphical design
  • or whatever other service you would like to offer.
Stuff you might want to offer include:
  • home-baked cookies, pottery, scrapbook albums
  • jewelry, party decoration, clothes
  • any other item you like to produce.
You can offer your skills and stuff in exchange for services or stuff offered by other members (bartering) but you can also choose the be paid in Altecoin, our own cryptocurrency. Now you can be part of the cryptocurrency revolution, earning your coins with the activities you love to do!

Of course you're also free to choose to be paid in your local fiat currency without using bartering or Altecoin (not recommended ;-)


What is Altecoin?

The Altecoin is a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum platform. You can use your Altecoins to buy services or stuff from other Altequo members, sell your holdings for other currencies or hold on to your coins as an investment.
Although Altecoin shares the Ethereum blockchain technology, it's value is completely independent from any other cryptocurrency.
The Altecoin total supply is hard capped at 50 million units as defined in our Ethereum Smart Contract. This means there can never exist more than 50 million Altecoins so when more people use our system and demand goes up, the coin value will increase.

Now you can be part of the cryptocurrency future without making any monetary investment. You'll earn your cryptocurrency trading your skills!

What makes Altecoin so different?

Altecoin forms an integral part of our Altequo system and is -unlike most other cryptocurrencies- not just a way to raise money during an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). We will not use an artificial, programmed deflation to increase it's value like other cryptocurrencies do during their ICO phase. It's up to the market to decide the value of each Altecoin.

The only 50 million Altecoins that will ever exist will be initially distributed as follows:
  • The first 5 million Altecoins will be sold to our members at a fixed price: the equivalent of US$0.01 each
  • The next 5 million Altecoins are reserved to be distributed to our members for free in the form of bonuses promoting the usage of Altecoins within the Altequo marketplace (to be determined)
  • Another 5 million Altecoins are reserved for the development team, the creators of Altequo and Altecoin
  • For the distribution of the remaining 35 million Altecoins, we'll be adjusting the price of our offerings if necessary, according to the demand. We will closely watch the prices our members ask for their Altecoins on the exchanges in order not to disturb the natural price fluctuations. Liquidity will be added to the market when necessary in order to create and maintain a healthy marketplace with a stable currency.
  • From the moment all 50 million Altecoins have been released to the public, the exchange rate will be completely market-driven without any centralized intervention, dilution nor inflation.
The proceeds of the initial Altecoin distribution will be used to develop new tools for Altequo like mobile trading apps, wallets, exchanges etc. as well as an extensive marketing campaign on Facebook and Google Adwords in order to grow our marketplace.

We encourage all Altequo members to promote our system among their neighbors, friends, family and on social media. Growth benefits all of us and will help us build a stable and diverse marketplace.

The Altecoin pre-sale will start soon!

Altecoins can be managed with any Ethereum compatible wallet, hot or cold. However, using these wallets Ethereum fees (gas) are charged for every transaction. Therefore we offer our members a free alternative: the altewallet.

Why do I need an altewallet?

The altewallet is a centralized Altecoin management solution. This means we use just two standard Ethereum wallets for all our members, a hot one and a cold one. This gives you the following advantages:
  • Cost. All transactions between members using the altewallet are free of any fees because they are executed within the same Ethereum wallet
  • Privacy. Unlike normal Ethereum wallets, the altewallet is completely private. Only the two system wallets are visible on the Ethereum system, your own altewallet is not
  • Speed. All altewallet transactions are instantaneous and that's a few seconds faster than normal Ethereum
  • Security. There is no wallet password you could forget or physical USB stick you could lose
  • Flexibility. You can transfer your Altecoins to a standard Ethereum wallet anytime. Ethereum fees (gas) apply
  • Convenience. Every Altequo account comes with an altewallet. There is no need to install any software because you manage your altewallet from your Altequo control panel.